Monday, September 12, 2011


Trying for publishing convergence :)

This is more of an update than a Microsoft Office tip, trick, or snafu...but since creating the Office 365: Connect & Collaborate site, I've been trying to streamline my communication efforts so all the various places I post are updated as seamlessly as possible. Toward that end, I've finally seen the light and created an Amazon Author Page at AuthorCentral (sheesh, I wish I could make that picture of me smaller!), and I was a bit chagrined to realize that I am the author of 70 (yes, no kidding, s-e-v-e-n-t-y) books on That makes me tired just thinking of it!

I've also linked my writing blog to Amazon (and added Twitter as well), so hopefully if you're curious about an upcoming book or a book outside my normal tech writing domain, you'll find what you'd like to know there.

I've also been writing regularly for CNET's TechRepublic and have just started blogging for PC World, and of course continue doing articles for the trusty Windows Secrets (love them). And that's on top of the books for Microsoft Press, Que, Wiley, and Pearson Ed (and others). So yes, I guess I see how I got to 70 books. Good thing I love to write.

More tech stuff coming soon, and please visit my new Office 365: Connect & Coblogerate blog if you're curious about the cloud. :) Also, the Office 365: Connect & Collaborate newsletter will go out this week, so sign up now if you'd like to receive it!

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