Friday, November 24, 2006


Posting from Word 2007

I'm creating this post in the new blogging utility built right into Word 2007. The feature is super easy to use—I love how easy it is to blog from Word (since that's the program I work in all day long anyway). Once you set up your accounts, you can post to any blogging service you want with the click of the button. No more opening a Web browser, navigating to the site (which sometimes involves an error or delay when I'm posting to my blogs on Blogger or Windows Live Spaces), and going through the blogging interface. My review: Awesome feature. 5 stars. J

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Office 2007 goes gold!

Yesterday Microsoft officially released the Office 2007 system to manufacturing, which means that soon 2007 Microsoft Office will be finding its way to stores and sites near you! (Here's a link to the official press release.) It's exciting to know that this amazing new release is now code complete. I've been working with it since its earliest incarnations--and I've been using it, day in and day out, while I've written three books this year. It's dependable, intuitive, and creative--more geared to the way I naturally work than any program I've ever used before. Way to go, Office team! :)

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