Friday, August 19, 2005


Hi everyone--long time no post. I've been busy writing new books. One will go into all the new packages of Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition and Microsoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition--I'm so psyched!--and the other is a book I'm currently writing (with coauthor Mike Torres) about MSN Spaces. If you haven't had a chance yet to look into MSN Spaces, and you're curious, interested, or inspired by the whole blogging phenomenon, take a look! (The MSN Spaces home page is I have been blogging since 2002 (or maybe earlier?) and I've used a lot of blogging tools, but I truly love Spaces the most. (No offense, Blogger.) It's hard to explain why except that there's so much you can do--and do easily with it. You can blog, create photo albums, create lists (with links), run video, add podcasts...and on and on. It's slick technology in a simple front end.

I've been using it for my own personal site (which I'm also using to test out new features while I write about them) and I created a school music boosters site for my son's high school band (a great example of how to use a site to keep lots of people informed about group events:

MSN Spaces has a huge international following, as well. Since it first appeared in beta (I think in January 2005, it has grown to more than 20 million users, all over the world.) I love that feeling that I'm truly part of an international community--in fact, I have guest map on my space that enables people from all over the world to "pin themselves" on the map and show where they're from. The first person to put a pin on my map was Cesar, from Spain. You've got to love that!

So a belated hello to everyone (and to those of you who have sent me tech questions in the last few weeks, I have flagged them and will look into your questions as soon as I can!), and if you haven't yet checked out MSN Spaces, browse over there today for a look around. If you haven't yet started a blog of your own, this might just be the time you get inspired enough to try it!

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