Thursday, March 29, 2012


Lots of Q&A coming!

Katherine Murray
This is relaxed hippie me when I
don't have a looming book deadline :)
Hi everyone, coming soon--a series of Q&A responses to reader questions that have been piling up in my Inbox! Thanks for your patience about that. Typically when I'm wrapping up a project, all my tech questions get flagged and filed until a clear spot opens up, and that clear spot is upon us (thank you God)! :) So in this space in the coming days I'll be posting reader questions about things like

If you have questions you'd like me to sleuth out or just something that bugs you (or doesn't work the way it should), feel free to drop me a note about it. I often have to do research and testing to try to find the answers to these things (in other words, I'm not the Oz of Tech and typically I struggle with it just like you do), but I do think it's fun. And it keeps me from playing too much Xbox, which is a good thing.

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