Monday, February 07, 2005


The second installment in our year-long series of articles about communications is now available online. This article offers simple ways to improve communication among coworkers, teams, and departments. You can read the article, called "Improve Staff Communications," by clicking this link: read February article. (When the dialog box appears, click Open to read the document online or click Save to save it to your hard drive.) Please share this article as freely as you'd like. :)

I'm writing here about process improvement, but I do include links and suggestions for the way technology intersects with team communications (for example, using the Word Document Workspace feature to work on a shared document; setting up a team meeting in Outlook, and so on). I've also listed a few product ideas from Windows Marketplace (where I've been writing a number of articles lately) to show some possibilities for online tools and resources related to workflow scheduling, time and expense management, and more.

As always, if you want to send along a question I can research and answer in a future article (or provide a tip the way you'll see Charlotte did in this month's article), please send an email to

Happy almost spring everybody! :) k

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Do you own a computer book or two? If so, you know what was helpful to you and what wasn't. The folks at Microsoft Press would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Follow this link to contact the editor and get a quick questionnaire to fill out:!1pwW-9vwowUOCKXYLtCuzJVQ!375.entry. Thanks for participating! Your ideas may help to improve the books I write in the future, too.

Also, a quick reminder: I'm beginning to work on February's article, "Improve Staff Communications," so send in any questions or ideas you'd like to see included this month! You can email them to me directly at Thanks!

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