Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Getting Site Stats in Office 365

If you were a former Office Live Small Business user, you are probably familiar with the webtools included with Office 365. It's a nice set of basic tools for creating pages, adding text and images, changing the format, applying themes, customizing the header, and adding webparts. But one important piece of the puzzle appears (at first glance) to be missing in Office 365: web analytics. How do you know how much traffic you're getting? Or who the referring sites are? Or what browser your visitors are using?

Luckily this is a simple--if not obvious--fix. Although the buzz was that this was just missing "in the beta," here we are in release with no webtools on the ribbon. One poster in the Office 365 community suggested to add the following to the basic URL of your live site (and it works):


So this means if your site name is Applesauce, the URL would look like this:

Remember also to enter the keywords and descriptions for your pages so the search engines are picking them up. You'll find the Search Engine Optimization tab (where these options are found) in the Choose Page Properties dialog box. Just click the page you want to optimize and click Properties; click the Search Engine Optimization tab, enter your keywords and description, and click OK.

PS> If you're curious about Office 365. you can sign up for Office 365 video tips I'll begin posting in September.

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