Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Ah, the lazy beauty of Homegroups

This morning I'm sitting in my sunroom writing a new batch of articles for CNET's TechRepublic (hi, Jody) and wanted to use a cool Excel worksheet I'd created a while back for one of the examples. The trouble is that the file is upstairs in my office on my beta machine, and I am feeling very relaxed and in-the-zone writing with the sounds of crickets and locusts and cardinals surrounding me. But wait! I forgot that I created a homegroup as part of writing My Windows 7 PC for Que. I opened Windows Explorer, clicked my beta machine in the Homegroup category, navigated to my Documents folder, and located and opened the worksheet. All without getting up off the loveseat. Now that's something to love about Homegroups--a significant contribution to your peace of mind. (But don't forget to get your exercise later.) :)

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