Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Testing, Testing…is this thing on?

Well, Blogger threw me a curve ball (and lots of other folks, I bet) by discontinuing their support of ftp…so maybe I'll just blog from Word 2010, which is convenient and simple and, of course, right here. J This is a test post, and I do realize that it is circulated via email to subscribers (I need to figure out how to turn that off—I hope it doesn't annoy you. I added the subscription feature so many years ago, pre RSS, that I've forgotten how I did it now.)

Blogging from within Word in 2010 is the same process we experienced with 2007; you create a new blog post by clicking File > New > Blog Post, type your content, format as you'd like, and click Publish in the Blog group of the Blog Post tab. Pretty simple, and quick, too.

Word will prompt you to set up your account before you post to it, of course, but that process is pretty painless as well. I will be testing over the next week or so to see whether posting directly to my site with both web design software and Word 2010 gets confusing. Maybe I will bypass Blogger altogether. We shall see.

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