Friday, April 10, 2009


Special projects call for special fonts

I'm working on something really fun right now and wanted a special look for a couple of elements, and Word's regular fonts--while fine for most things--just weren't doing it for me. It's been a while since I added any new fonts to my system, so I had to remember how to find what I needed and install the fonts so they'd be available in Word. Here's a quick refresher in case it's not something you do often, either:
  1. Find and download the font(s) you want to add.

    Note: With just a little searching online this morning I found Fontspace, which has thousands of free fonts of all different types.

  2. Unzip the font file to whatever folder you'd like. (Just make sure you can find them when it's time to install.)

  3. Display the Control Panel and go to the Fonts window. In Windows XP SP2, it's easier to find Fonts by using Classic View; in Vista, just type Fonts in the search box and you're there.

  4. Click File and choose Install New Font.

  5. In the Add Fonts dialog box, navigate to the folder where you saved the files when you unzipped them, click the fonts you want to install in the List of Fonts (in the top portion of the dialog box), and click OK.

Windows installs the fonts and then takes you back to the Fonts window. Close it and go take a look in Word. Yup, they're there.

Simple, right? Enjoy your new look! It's spring, after all. :)

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