Friday, January 09, 2009


Make friends with PowerPoint

I'm working on something very cool right now for our nonprofit--creating a low-cost, low-footprint e-learning initiative that has several different components, all set in SharePoint and using PowerPoint for the basic coursework. After just a day's worth of work, it's really coming into shape!

I've always loved PowerPoint and years ago, wrote a couple of books about it (not sure why I haven't written any PowerPoint books lately, but I'd love the chance if it rolls around again). I do have a pet peeve though. Do you know how AutoFit compensates with your text to fill whatever space is available on the slide? As an editor, that just drives me crazy because you might have four different sizes of text on four different slides, depending on the amount of content on each slide. Inconsistencies wound the soul (not really; it just sounded good).

If that bugs you too, you can turn off AutoFit by clicking the Microsoft Office Button and choosing PowerPoint Options. Then, click Proofing and click AutoCorrect Options. In the AutoFormat as You Type tab, under Apply as You Type, click to clear the AutoFit checkboxes for the title and body text areas.

Ahhhhhh....much better. Happy Friday!

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