Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Another Formatting Headache Solved

Omigosh, I have been using Word for about a gazillion years and I just spent 10 frustrating minutes trying to figure out why the bullet lists in a document my colleague sent me wouldn't reformat. I changed spacing half a dozen times, doctoring this and tweaking that, and nothing I did made any difference (including setting the After spacing to 18 points!).

Then something caught me eye. Wait a minute, I thought--I don't remember ever seeing that option before. The Don't Add Space Between Paragraphs of the Same Style checkbox was selected. How strange! I've never noticed it before and obviously don't use it. Don't do me any favors, Word--I like to control the spacing of my paragraph, thank you very much.

So if you have formats that aren't working properly and Word seems to ignore you when you make spacing changes, check to make sure that dastardly checkbox isn't checked. :)

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