Friday, July 25, 2008


Solving the Gray Column Mystery

I am currently working on preparing a curriculum that brings together the work of university faculty from all across the country. The breadth of thought is fascinating and I'm loving it. But, like anything in life, it's the little things that can hang us up. I just spent about 30 minutes trying to get rid of a mysterious gray column that appeared along the right side of the document whenever I copied one person's work into the master document I'm using for the curriculum draft. I tried adding content a paragraph at a time and all would be going well until...there's that dratted column again! It appeared in Print Preview and Print Layout view.

Through trial and error, I discovered the culprit. Buried deep within the hundred-page document was one tiny little comment, and that created the gray column throughout the entire file.

If you want to do away with balloon comments so that gray column never appears, click the Review tab and click the Balloons arrow. Choose Show All Revisions Inline. Now you can display the comment by hovering the mouse pointer over it; or you can display comments and changes in the Reviewing Pane, which you can display at the bottom of along the right side of your document.

There. Now I can get back to being productive again.

Have a good weekend!

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