Sunday, July 27, 2008


RSS Feeds in Outlook

For some reason my RSS feeds jumped from one place to another recently and made the feeds on a couple of my blogs null and void. (I think this was due to a folder reorg on my server, but oh well.) I was sleuthing out the problem and trying to get everything working again and realized I hadn't yet added a couple of my blogs to Outlook 2007. It's pretty simple but to save you the trouble of looking for it, here's the process:
You can make sure your RSS feeds in Outlook 2007 contine to be sychronized with your Common Feeds List by choosing Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options. In the General Settings area, make sure the option Sync RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List is checked. (If not, click to select it.) Click OK to save your settings.

Now all your favorite posts will come directly to your Inbox, ready for you to scan at your leisure. Nice. :)

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