Thursday, March 08, 2007


Great Feature in IE7

Okay, this doesn't have anything to do with Office 2007, but it's something I discovered in IE7 this morning and I have to share it. I've been longing for this feature for a long time. My pet peeve with previous versions of IE was that it limited me to only one open web page at a time, unless I wanted to have a bunch of open brower windows while I worked. IE7 fixes that with the advent of tabbed browsing (which I love). With tabbed browsing, you can have multiple pages open in a single browser window and easily move between them by clicking the tab you want (which is handy when you're researching a complex topic and working with lots of resources). Cool feature--one I already knew about.

I was still disgrunted, though, because there was still a lot of clicking and selecting required. I wanted my favorite sites (especially the ones I use to get blogging news first thing in the morning) to open right up without a lot of effort on my part. Guess what? IE7 has said, "You wish is my command!" Just this morning I found that you can actually set up multiple home pages so that all the sites you want open automatically as tabbed pages in your IE7 browser window as soon as you fire up the browser in the morning. What a great little feature! And it's been right under my nose for months and I hadn't even noticed it. Enjoy! :)

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