Thursday, August 17, 2006


What do you think of the new Office 2007 UI?

As many of you know, in addition to the books I write, I also participate and write content for a number of Microsoft groups and sites. One community I'm in every day is a great group called The Hive. It's a Microsoft-sponsored site for leaders of online tech groups--so if you host your own site, manage an IT department, work as a tech consultant, or any number of other scenarios where getting Microsoft announcements and updates fast would be a benefit to you (as well as exclusive interviews with Microsoft product managers on products such as Windows Vista, Windows Live Services, and Office 2007), stop by The Hive next time you get the chance: (The site used to be for group leaders only, but a few months back it was opened to the public because of the great need for community based info, news, events, and support.

One of the members of The Hive (Jan from the Netherlands--that's another thing I like about The Hive: it's a truly international community), posted a poll that I thought those of you who have tried Office 2007 might want to weigh in on. Click here to get to Poll: Office 2007's New User Interface. Click to vote and leave a comment if you'd like to explain your choices. It seems that the international reaction to the Office 2007 UI changes is varied, but overall, warming. The big dividing line seems to be between new users and expert users. The new users love it; the expert users feel a little hindered by it. But those expert users who support new users (as you see in John Obeto's post), are beginning to fall in love with it all over again. :)

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