Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Test drive Office 2007 now online

If you want to experience the great changes in 2007 Microsoft Office System first-hand, you can now log in to the Office 2007 test drive and try out the whole list of applications. This is really awesome--and it works faster than I expected. All the features are fully functional (except save and print); you can place graphics, apply templates, create, format, and search data, and much more. If takes only a few minutes to set up and you can get a real-world preview of the applications, kick its tires, and more. The UI alone is worth the trouble. Take it out for a test drive and step into the future of Microsoft Office. :) (Can you tell I'm psyched about this new release? I've been writing about Office products since Word for Windows 3.1--do you remember back that far? :)--and I am more excited about this release than any I've experienced yet. It's smart smart smart.)

[note: For a little backstory, here's a link to a quick interview I did for The Hive with Dennis Bye, Microsoft Senior Marketing Manager and the brains behind the Office 2007 test drive.]

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