Thursday, April 13, 2006


This is the Excel for me!

I always try to be very careful and conscious of my NDA, so I'll say less rather than more (and point you to an awesome public blog written by the Office Excel 2007 PM, David Gainer), but I just finished writing the Excel chapter of First Look Microsoft Office 2007 and I am totally jazzed about the changes in Excel. As a writer, I have dealt with numbers only when I had to--I've been in business 18 years and I do track financial information in Excel, organize data and client information in Excel (although I did begin using Outlook with Business Contact Manager last year to do that--it rocks!). But this new version of Excel will give you a reason to get up in the morning if you want bigger, better, more powerful, and more visual opportunities for working with your data--numeric and not.

If you're an Excel enthusiast (or even if you're not--but want to get more comfortable with your worksheets), be sure to visit David Gainer's blog. He's doing a great job of introducing not only the new features but explaining how they are relevant to what we need to accomplish during the day.

Yesterday I posted some information on this blog about updates to our MSN Spaces Book Space, but it looks like some of the subscriptions didn't go out last night--so if you didn't get an update notification and MSN Spaces--or learning to blog--is an interest of yours, stop by BlogOffice for more info.

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