Friday, April 28, 2006


Big Changes in Office OneNote 2007

Hi everyone--I'm working on the Office OneNote 2007 chapter in the First Look book right now, and the changes in this application really rock! We each have different note-taking styles; some of us talk it out, some draw it out, some diagram, some write phrases or characters, some do all of the above. One thing we most likely have in common is that we jot our notes in different places and often have trouble finding them later. Or we scribble them on the back of another report that winds up on someone else's desk down the hall. Or (I do this all the time) carefully take notes about a new idea or project and then file it away in the appropriate file folder--never to be seen again!

Office OneNote 2007 gives you a way to capture your thinking no matter how you're comfortable doing it. And the notes are kept in notebooks you can sync among your various systems and devices, which means that you can get to them easily at any point (and the fast search capability in this new release makes that better than ever). Add tables in the middle of a note; use ink to sketch it out; even do calculations (as easily as typing "125/6" in the middle of a note!). Plus there are dozens of templates you can use as the basis for your notes...and notebook sharing...and the ability to have multiple notebooks going at once. There's a lot here.

Office OneNote 2007 is included with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007; you can also get it as a standalone application. (Click here to get more information about the various suite configurations.)

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