Saturday, February 11, 2006


Add Video to Your Presentations

I've been doing a lot with video clips lately and I just love it. Maybe because I spend so much of my time creating with words, I love the way ideas come to life when you can show them with movement, color, and sound. I put together a short presentation called Jazz Up Your Presentations that offers a few tips and some how-to for adding video clips to your presentations. It's easier than it's ever been--and it can personalize your company, staff, or products for your audience in a new, more intimate way. Take a look at the slide show by clicking here (it's saved in PowerPoint Slide Show format, so you should be able to run it whether you have PowerPoint installed locally or not); and then let me know what you think. Happy creating!

Feel free to share this presentation with anyone you think might benefit from it! I just ask that you leave the presentation as it is, and leave the BlogOffice URL on the first page. Thanks!

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