Thursday, January 20, 2005


Do you use the Meeting Request feature in Outlook 2003? Click the New down-arrow and click Meeting Request (or press Ctrl+Shift+Q) and the Untitled-Meeting window will open. Click To and add the names of people you want to invite; set the time and place; add any notes you need, and click Send. This sends an email invitation to everyone in the To list and enables them to accept or deny the invitation with a click of the mouse. It also checks their schedule and adds the meeting to the recipient's calendar; and--this is the best part--it automatically adjusts for different time zones. For example, this week I had several conference calls with clients on the west coast. When our team leader sent the invitations, the time came through in my local time, set up just the way I needed it. Very cool!

The question is this: If you use Microsoft Office Professional for Small Businesses and/or the Outlook Small Business Manager, I'd love to hear what types of products you create (reports, presentations, manuals, marketing materials, and so on). I'm starting a new project that is task-focused and I'd like to hear what you like or don't like, what's easy and what's not, in the tasks you do with Office everyday. Click the comments link and send me a note if you feel like sharing. :)

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