Thursday, December 16, 2004


I'm always trying to integrate these disparate parts of my work life--writing, editing, publishing, packaging, tech design, and so forth. As part of my publishing services business (reVisions Plus, Inc.), I am introducing a year-long series of free articles about how to improve small business communications (written, spoken, and electronic). It occurred to me when I published the list on my business blog that the software I'll be using to create the various communications vehicles (communications plan, brochures, cards, web pages, etc.) will be Microsoft products (Office Pro, including Publisher and Front Page). So if you find yourself in a position of creating communications-related materials with Office products and you have questions about how to do something specific or how to get around a particular problem, please feel free to email me your questions related to the following monthly themes and I'll do my best to get them researched and answered in the articles. Then I'll cross post to both blogs so the articles are available in both places. That's the plan, anyway! :) Here's the list for the 2005 articles:
Send your article-related questions to

And here's to a safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! :) k

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