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Animating PowerPoint Objects

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Jineshwar wrote this morning and asked a question I thought might be good to post here: "Is it possible in PowerPoint (Office XP 2000) to animate a row or a word in a row in the body of the slide?"

Yes, in both PowerPoint XP and 2003, you can animate a row on your PowerPoint slide. Select the item you want to animate (this could be a text box, like a title or bullet list, a photo, graphic, chart, etc.—if you want only a specific row that is part of a larger text object, cut and paste it into its own text box). Then choose View > Task Pane to display the task pane on the right side of the work area. Click the down-arrow in the title bar of the task pane and choose Custom Animation. Then, with the item you want to animate selected, click Add Effect. A submenu appears giving your four options: Entrance, Emphasis, Exit, and Motion Paths. These options enable you to choose the type of movement—when and how—you want the item animated. Experiment with it—it’s fun!

You can animate a single word in the same way, by making it its own text object (use the Text Box tool in the Drawing toolbar to do this) and then assigning the animation effect you want. (There’s also a simple way to animate a word in Microsoft Word that I really like…just highlight the word, choose Format > Font and click the Text Effects tab; then choose the animation you want and click OK. Pretty cool for simple things.)

I love PowerPoint. :)

Have a good day!

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