Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Project Smart Tag Headaches

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Good morning! Marina wrote to me from Italy last week, trying to rid herself of annoying smart tags that pop up as she works in Microsoft Project. We batted around a few ideas for how to get rid of the pesky things, but we came up empty. If you have succeeded in removing smart tags from your Project files, would you please write and let me know how you did it?

Outlook Task Fun

category : outlook 2003 : task list

Sometimes when you've been away from something for a while, you have a fresh perspective when you get back. Life has taken me outside the office for the last several months (it was fun and wonderful, but it's a relief to get back!) and I discovered a fresh solution for a Task issue that was irritating me. I wanted the tasks I need to complete for the day to appear in order of their due dates in the Personal Folders column of Outlook Today. For some reason I'd been unable to discover how to get them in the right order. The other day when I sat down I decided to experiment, and this is what I found:

To arrange your Tasks in chronological order (with those due immediately at the top and those due later at the bottom), start Outlook, click Personal Folders in the All Mail Folders list (on the left), and click Customize Outlook Today in the upper right of the display area. This takes you to a screen of startup options. In the Tasks area (halfway down the page), click the Sort My List By down-arrow and choose Due Date (or another category of your choosing). Then click Ascending (from recent to latest). Click Save Changes in the upper right corner, and when you return to the Personal Folders screen, the tasks are arranged neatly in chronological order according to due date. Boy, this makes my life much easier!

The next frontier for me is going to be to color-code all the tasks and assign them categories that tracks them according to project. I'll keep you posted...

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