Saturday, August 23, 2003


It's Coming...

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This week Microsoft put the ship date (Oct 21) and new pricing on Office System. I'm pleasantly surprised. They've slashed prices of the new edition to make it more affordable for the rest of us...teachers, sole proprietors, individuals. Nice. Here's an article with the details: Microsoft puts price, date on new Office (CNet, 2003).

My opinion, as you've probably gathered if you're read previous posts, is that the new Office System is worth upgrading to. I was really able to dig into the software (up to my eyeballs!) and work with it through all its beta versions, and I've been impressed all along. I love the collaboration features and the convenience items, but it's the smart reuse of data and integration that really fires me up. This summer I've worked more intensely (in less time) and played more joyfully than any summer I can remember. I love it when software really does help us get things done faster. We're just at the start of a learning curve with how we can really use Office System 2003, but I think it has the right elements to help us streamline what we do and work together better.

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