Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Interesting Afternoon Reading

Two fascinating and different business articles arrived in my Inbox this morning. I thought I'd pass them along for those moments later today when you need a little mental pick-me-up. The first, The Challenge of Global Employees, provides a very clear image of what works--and what doesn't--in successful virtual teams. If like me, you are often part of a remote team (I rarely meet my clients face to face--they may be across the country or around the world), you'll find some interesting insights and suggestions in this article. It strikes me that the best features in Microsoft Office System 2003 address these very issues about distanced collaboration. Smart stuff.

The second article, The Internet Gets Social, is about a new multimedia messaging company called Netomat that began as an art project and may just wind up providing the next generation of online communications services. It mixes multimedia email with blogging and whiteboard, voice, and video features. It's just out in prototype, I think, but something worth keeping an eye on. :)

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