Friday, June 27, 2003


Contact List Management

There are several hundred of us now on this blog (woo hoo!), which brought me face to face with a new challenge in email management: the number of recipients on the BlogofficeXP list exceeds my ISP's capacity to send bulk email. That’s a great problem to have! But day before yesterday, after sending the most recent post, I needed to find a way to cleanly divide the distribution list so that my service provider wouldn’t balk. Once I figured it out, it was a snap. Here’s the process:
Btw, last night I bought a new USB Flash drive to test looks very cool. Rumor has it that people walk up and down the hallways at Microsoft wearing these things on cords around their necks. The USB drive has now officially replaced pocket protectors for those of us interested in geek fashions. I'll let you know how it, I mean works. :) k

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