Saturday, March 01, 2003


Lo-Cal Scans

Just a minute ago I was scanning a printed schedule to send to a friend. With the Scanner and Camera Wizard that's built in to Windows XP, the file weighed in at 467K. Wow, that's too big! So I tried rescanning it with Microsoft Office Document Scanning (under Microsoft Office Tools in the All Programs menu), which brought the file down to 234K. That's still a big file, but it's much better than it's larger cousin! Of course, by then I was on a mission, so I tried scanning the image directly into a Word document (choose Insert > Picture > From Scanner or Camera) and the resulting file was 178K. If you use the Word method, be sure to click the image after you scan it into the document and click the Compress Pictures tool in the Picture toolbar. That saves us the guilt of feeling bad about clogging up other peoples' inboxes. Have a good weekend! :) k

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