Saturday, February 01, 2003


For the Love of Devices

Okay, I've got a Tablet PC sitting on my desk. From Viewsonic. Put simply: I love it. Write your notes in Word; use the stylus to grab a quick range in Excel and drag it to a report you're writing. If you are a doodler, you'll love it. If you think better taking notes long-hand, you'll love it. If you sketch out processes, draw diagrams, or want an easy-to-take-along PC to show PowerPoint presentations to clients, you'll love it.

I haven't had a chance to experiment with different makes and models, but I'm much more impressed with the functionality than I thought I'd be. They're pricey now, but definitely worth a closer look. Microsoft thinks so too; in fact, they've given the Tablet the lead article space on the site. Here's a link to more info and a few online demos.

Even if Tablets leave you cold right now, be forewarned: we're only going to get more mobile. Someday (soon?) we won't even need desktops or offices. Give me a warm spot in the sun, a good cup of coffee, and I'm ready for work. Have a good weekend, everyone! :) k

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