Tuesday, February 04, 2003


Finding Mr/Ms Right

Maybe I'm the last XP user on earth to discover this feature, but I was so excited to discover the Activities tab in the Contact dialog! Do you know about it? Previously, whenever I needed to find a specific email from, say, Alex at Microsoft Press, I'd click the From column in the Outlook mail view to alphabetize received email and then scroll down for Alex's name. But then if I'd already filed the message in another folder (and couldn't remember the exact Subject line), I'd go hunting through my various project folders in the same way. The result? I spent lots of time scrolling for no reason.

What I could have done, I now know, was click Contacts, double-click Alex's entry, and click the Activities tab. Then Outlook goes through and compiles a list of every bit of activity that involved Alex--emails to and from, journal entries, notes, tasks, and so forth. I can then go right to the email (or task or what-have-you) by double-clicking it in the list. This is a very cool feature that could have saved me a huge amount of time and email-hunting frustration. But now I know! (and you do, too). Have a good day, everyone! :) k

Genius blogger and author Biz Stone has a top, front-page mention on *the* blogging site, Blogger.com. Go Biz! Your book rocks!

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