Monday, February 03, 2003


Blogging for Everyone

Blogs open doors for developers - Tech News -
Good Monday morning (that's not an oxymoron, is it?)...This is an interesting article for those of you who are interested in how blogging can be used as part of corporate communications. Dream job #2: Setting up blogs for companies: it's easy...find your "authentic" voice...extend yourselves...welcome others as part of your development feedback the stuff! :) And you can build and maintain your pages in Word and/or FrontPage or use one of the many blogging tools out here in the blogiverse.

One of the things I love most about blogging is its alive, evolving nature; it's never a "done" thing like a final report or a published's a message, changing and growing and passing from person to person and gaining momentum. You learn and your blog shows it. You add readers and your community grows. You invite other people in to share your thoughts and they invite you in to hear theirs. Real, in-the-moment communication. The web at its best. :) k

Thanks, Steve, for your email about Phantom Friends. I did think my updates were up-to-date but I'll check again...and yes, Knowledgebase rocks! :) k

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