Thursday, January 09, 2003


Phantom Phriends

I've noticed Outlook doing something strange lately. I type the last name of a contact in the To: line and Outlook recognizes the person and displays the rest of the name in the tip tag just below where I'm typing. That's not the strange part. I press Enter and Outlook enters the person's name in the line as usual. The funky part comes while I'm typing the body of the message. For some reason, an extra first name appears mysteriously in the To: line. For example, if I type "Murray" in the To: line, Outlook displays "Murray, Chris" and I press Enter. His email address is entered in the To: line and everything looks fine. Then I type the message and go to click Send, but now the To: line says "Murray, Chris; Chris" and that second "Chris" will hang up the message. I don't know why this is happening, but displaying the Contact Properties and changing the Display Name to "Chris Murray" instead of "Murray, Chris" seems to help. I'll keep you posted (literally). Have a good day! :) k

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