Tuesday, January 07, 2003


Back in the Saddle

Okay, I've floated along on the Happy New Year vibes long enough. Time to get back to work. :)

Labels have been floating around in my brain all morning. Address labels, CD labels, name tag labels. Are you familiar with the huge selection of label-like items you can quick print using Word's Envelopes and Labels feature? Sure, I'd used it to print off a quick envelop or a stray label before, but this morning I discovered a jackpot of items: address labels, tent cards, CD front, spine, and back labels, business cards...the list goes on and on. To check it out for yourself, choose Tools > Letters and Mailings > Envelopes and Labels. Click the Labels tab and scroll through the lengthy list. It's worth at least a small "wow" (in lowercase letters).

Two quick tips, though: If you want to create a label using a specific font, style, and color, type the text in the current document and format it the way you want it before you choose the Tools menu and the string of commands. Word will place the selected text in the Label window. Also, if you want to add a label style or create your own, click Options in the Labels tab and then click New Label at the bottom of the Label Options dialog box. You can then type the specs for your new label, name it, click OK, and you're in business. Cya! :) k

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