Monday, December 16, 2002


A Pretty Invoice, Please

Well, sales are starting to pop at Homeward Bound Publishing (woo hoo!) and I received a nice big order tonight. I was working with the new book sales database I created and everything was going along nicely until I needed to email an invoice. The first one I emailed to myself by creating the invoice and choosing File > Send To > Mail Recipient. I'm glad I sent it to myself as a test first, because the document completely lost its format even though I selected HTML as the format type. So I tried again, this time displaying the invoice in Access and then right-clicking to display the context menu. I chose Export and then selected Rich Text Format (RTF) as the format most likely to preserve the appearance. When I opened the file, the format was fine, but the logo was missing. Arg. The final fix? I printed the invoice from Access, scanned it using the Scanner and Camera Wizard (in Accessories in Windows XP), and sent it as an attachment to the author who was requesting it. Come on now. There's got to be a better way to get a pretty invoice... :) k

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