Wednesday, December 18, 2002


A Minor Oops

You know that great feature in Outlook (earlier versions too, not just XP) that fills in the recipient's name for you when you type a letter or two in the To: box? A word of advice: Check it carefully before you send. Working fast to make a deadline, I sent a chapter to John in San Francisco and it wound up in my brother John's Inbox in Oregon. Thank goodness he isn't that interested in my writing...on the phone, he said, "You didn't mean for me to read this, did you?" Otherwise, I wouldn't have known the chapter missed its mark by several hundred miles. And sooner or later I would have had one steamed editor.

The moral: Make sure your financial projections go to Fred the financial guy at the home office and not to Aunt Freida in Patooka. A second look at the To: line should do the trick. :) k

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