Saturday, December 07, 2002


Long Time, No Blog

Good morning! Here I am on a Saturday trying to catch up on all my blogs. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. Deadlines, writing, editing...the hits go on and on. I have something fun to report, though: my small press, Homeward Bound Publishing, just released it's second book, The Outta-Work Cookbook! I don't have it on amazon yet, but soon. If you are between jobs (or know someone who is), this book is a fun, man-style guide to doing something constructive in the kitchen while you're looking for work. The author, Mike Malandrakis, is funny, smart, upbeat, and he's been there (outta-work) many times. He's got a lot of heart and just the right way of giving men a friendly "kick in the ass" to get them moving. [And yes, there's plenty of cussing in here...I edited out what I could, but hey--that's Mike.]

Okay, so what's that got to do with Office XP? Nothing, really. :) I do have a new article on, though, called 11 Tips for Creating Tables in Word. That was a fun one to write. I love Word tables. :) [I don't know how long the article has been up there--I just checked the main Office page today and saw my goofy mug peering out at me from the center of the page. I look like I'm inside a dryer at the laundomat. :)]

Have a good weekend, everyone! Next week I'll get back in the saddle with more XP tips and discoveries... :) k

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