Thursday, October 03, 2002



Well, apparently I'm a pretty shady character and Outlook thinks I send myself either junk or adult content mail (not so!), because when I email something to myself (which I do periodically when I find research tidbits on the web), the junk mail/adult content filters send my own mail right to the Deleted Items folder! I didn't realize it until today when I watched a message I sent myself appear--and then disappear--from my Inbox. Apparently I inadvertently added myself to the junk mail list. (It's embarrassingly easy to right-click the wrong message and choose Add to Junk Senders without noticing what I'm doing--especially if I haven't had my second cup of coffee...)

So my advice is two-fold: If you are using the Junk Mail or Adult Content filters in Outlook, be sure to look through your Senders lists periodically to make sure that you haven't accidentally added people you really don't want to delete. To check the list, follow these steps:

It takes only a couple of minutes and can save you some real embarrassment. Now, hopefully, I'll be able to get that email I sent to myself. I've been wondering what I've been up to lately. Cya! :) k

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