Tuesday, October 08, 2002


A Quickie about Word Web Links

Sometimes I learn things the hard way...by figuring my way out of a mess once I've made it. :) This morning I updated part of my web site that offers a library of past newsletters called Openings (essays on faith). Because my wonderful work computer drowned week before last, I had to use a different computer to do the update. I had created the page in Word, using the Save As Web Page feature (love it!) and pressed Ctrl+K to make the link. You probably know the drill.
Well, I made the changes and uploaded the site and although the new page looked great and the home page seemed to be fine, the links to all the other issues (which had been linked on my drowned computer) were dead. *Arg.* Knowing that the pages were on my FTP server, I deciphered their server addresses (just insert %20 for each space in the name), and repaired the links and resaved the Word document, again, as a web page.Took me about an hour to reverse the Duh.

The moral? When you create web pages in Word, consider creating links that actually point to the eventual destination on your server, as opposed to linking to files on a computer that may die one day without your permission. Or, of course, you could use FrontPage to do all the link checking and publishing for you... Cya :) k

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