Friday, October 11, 2002


Office XP with Legs

Well, I'm daydreaming this morning. (I never take Fridays too seriously.) Have you heard about the new Tablet PCs? The big introduction, from several different manufacturers, is supposed to be coming in early November. Now that I have a check from my insurance company to replace my drowned computer, I'm shopping. A new tablet PC would allow me to leave my current clunky laptop at home (which runs out of juice about halfway through football practice anyway) and look like a less-nerdy mom on the sidelines. (Believe me, I am the *only* mom in the bleachers with a laptop on her knees!).

I could dock it in my home office and hook it up to a keyboard and mouse for more "normal" operation. And there's a special pack for us Office XP users that offers extra pen-based features. If you've used the handwriting and speech recognition features in Office XP at all (I like them but they aren't really viable input tools for me yet...too slow and cumbersome), the Tablet PC may appeal to you. I dunno. I'm interested, and watching the horizon. To find out more about Tablet PCs, check out this site:

And, because it's Friday, and because I'm a typical proud mama, here's a picture of the handsome fellow I'm cheering for at those evening practices (even with my nose in my laptop). Have a great weekend, everyone. Big football weekend for me! Go Green! Woo hoo! :) k

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