Tuesday, October 22, 2002


A Little Aha

I had an idea that saving the doc as HTML and then sending it might help the format issue, so I went back to try it out. What I found instead was that the graphic appeared on top of the tagline because in the printed document I had set Text Wrapping to Behind Text so that I could nestle the tagline up into the white space in the company logo. That's fine for the printed doc, because Word doesn't reconfigure things before printing. But when it prepares the doc for emailing, the image and text got moved around a bit; hence, the overlap.

To find out how the text is set to wrap around graphics in your Word documents, click the graphic and choose the Text Wrapping tool in the Picture toolbar. (If the Picture toolbar doesn't appear automatically when you click the graphic, open the View menu, choose Toolbars, and click Picture.) When you select the Text Wrapping tool, you'll be able to see which text wrap option is selected; to keep things in place, I selected Tight. Things send OK now. One more mystery solved. It's going to be a good day. Cya :) k

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