Wednesday, September 04, 2002


The Zen of Envelopes

Okay, so instead of my morning meditation time I decided to take care of a few business details. And instead of feeling at-one with the universe, I spent 25 minutes struggling with printing a single envelope. Not a very peaceful start to a busy morning. :) Be forewarned--sometimes Word's Envelopes and Labels feature works great, and sometimes it acts like a huge bug sitting on your keyboard. The envelope I was trying to print, based on the address block of the current document, came out three different ways--none of which was centered the way I wanted it to be. And even though I clicked Omit for the return address (the idea being that Word won't print the return address (great for printing on professional envelopes that have your logo and business address already printed on them), the darned thing printed anyway. The moral? It's four-fold: (1) Delete the return address if you don't want it; (2) print a test on paper before you load the envelope so you know how--and where--it's going to come out; (3) click Add to Document once you get it right so the envelope is added to the envelope for the next time you try to print it; and (3) don't skip your morning meditation time. Have a good day, with or without envelopes. Cya. :) k

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