Tuesday, September 24, 2002


What? No Macros?

Here's something you might not know til you need it...because of a fun, weather-related calamity last Friday (my work computer was soaked with not-so-holy water)...I am trying to finish up projects on my backup (read: slower) system. I went to open a heavily macro'd document and none of the macros would work. A message box appeared, saying, "Hey! You can't do this because of your macro security settings." I've never set up any macro security settings on this system, so this must be built into Windows XP (or Word 2002) by default. Here's how to undo (or reduce) the security settings so that you can use macros provided in templates others give you:

Open the Tools menu and choose Options. Click the Security tab and then click the Macro Security button. You'll see three choices: High, Medium, and Low. You might want to try a Medium setting (but I set mine to Low because I'm basically a trusting soul and impatient, too--I don't want to have to come back here and change the settings!). Click OK to close the dialog box. You may need to close the document and reopen it in order for the new settings to take effect (I did).

Hey, it's not the most interesting tip in the world, but if it saves you a step or two, that's cool. Have a good day. Cya :) k

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