Friday, September 06, 2002


A Quick Note

Several of you have dropped me notes (thanks!) asking about blogging in general. I'm relatively new at this (although I *love* it) but I can point you toward Biz Stone, the author of the hot new book Blogging. I had the good fortune to be on the editorial team of Biz's book and it's wonderful, fun, and very specific in showing you how to go through the various steps in creating and enhancing your own blog. His book is what hooked me, and I consider it the definitive reference. So if you want to know more about blogging--or want to blog better--check out Biz's blog & book at

That's it for me this week; I hope you've had a good one and are looking at a fun (or at least relaxing) weekend. Remember--part of the reason we work so hard at getting good at computers is to give us more time to do the meaningful things in life (however you define that). Enjoy! :) k

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