Tuesday, September 17, 2002


A Little Formatting F&R

Here's a simple little Word trick that can save you lots of find-and-replace time and trouble when you're trying to fix formats in long documents. When you want to make a global (meaning "everywhere in the document") kind of change--for example, suppose that you italicized a product name and your boss wants it bold--start by pressing Ctrl+F to display the Find and Replace dialog box. Enter what you're looking for in the Find what: box; then click the Highlight all items found in checkbox. Notice that the Find Next button changes to Find All. Click Find All and Word searches for and highlights all the occurrences of the word or phrase you entered. Click the Close button and now change the format to whatever you want by clicking the Italic button (to remove the ital), clicking Bold (to add bold), or clicking the Styles down-arrow and choosing the style you want to apply to the found text.

For some reason, this sounds WAY more complicated than it is to do. Check it out for yourself. Press Ctrl+F to begin.

BTW, you can search and replace styles in Word by choosing Styles and Formatting from the Format menu. But that's another tip...CYA :) k

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