Friday, September 27, 2002


Fun with Pix

It's Friday and I just can't take anything very seriously today. I was messing around with a few photos I'm adding to a document and was enjoying the surprising array of picture editing tools available in Word's Picture toolbar. Do you know about them? When you scan, import, or open an image in Word and select it, the Picture toolbar appears, like so:

The Picture toolbar enables you to increase or decrease the contrast and brightness (this is great when you just need to clean something up quickly before you show it to a client), compress the image for the web or for print, rotate it, flow text around (or through) it, or even recolor it and create funky effects. Next time you have a spare moment and a picture you want to play with (no, don't put that dog's head on your boss's picture!), open a fresh Word document and give the Picture tools a whirl.

Have a good weekend! Cya :) k

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