Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Good afternoon! Gosh, those Reminder chimes drive me nuts. Do they bug you, too? You can change the sound Office uses to rattle your cage about that upcoming marketing meeting or the dentist appointment at 2:00 by clicking the Reminder Sound button in the Appointment window. (You can either do this as you set the appointment or after, by double-clicking the appointment in Daily Calendar view.) When you click the Reminder Sound button (to the right of the Reminder: box), a popup window appears showing you that reminder.wav is the sound of choice. Click the Browse button to display the Reminder Sound File dialog box; then cruise to the folder storing the sound you *want* to use, click it, and click Open. When you close the Appointment window, the new sound will be assigned to the reminder. (Don't hack anyone else's computer, but it would be fun to customize someone else's Reminder Sound to be something like their mother's voice, saying frantically, "You're going to be late! Hurry up!" Okay, maybe not.)

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